About Us

About Us

Welcome to Locksmith Drive

Locksmith Drive was originally created to assist automotive locksmiths and vehicle security professionals who are tired of having to consult multiple references or systems before taking on an automotive key job. But we have expanded and started offering additional features and resources to assist all locksmiths operate their fast-paced business.

The concept of Locksmith Drive began in 2016 as a basic in-house locksmithing system, and has grown, version by version, with the goal to bring you the most powerful tools and systems available in the locksmith industry. Locksmith Drive has become a valuable resource that is widely used and trusted by locksmiths all across the United States.

Meet The Business Owner: Steven Rowley

Steven is a 2nd generation locksmith who has been learning and performing the skills of the trade for the last 15+ years. In 2010 Steven saw the need and opportunity for growth in automotive keys in his market and began educating himself and investing in the tools and equipment required to keep up with the new keys and remotes being introduced by the auto manufacturers. In 2016 Steven needed a better system to help his growing business be more efficient and professional in making and programming transponder keys and remotes, so he designed and created an in-house application to be used in his shop. After seeing the success this application brought to his business, he decided to overhaul the application and make it more robust and user friendly and is now introducing this system as a subscription-based web application available to all locksmiths.

What We Can do For You

Our automotive search tool was created to allow you to enter 3 Pieces of Key Information (Vehicle Make, Model, And Year) Then You Will Be Able To Answer The Following Questions From One Page

See How Locksmith Drive Can Help You Increase Your Success Rate, While Making You More Confident In Doing Automotive Key Work.

What Keys And Remotes Are Compatible With This Car?

Does The Car Require A Pin-Code For Programming? If Yes, Then Can I Read The Pin-Code With My Programmer?

Can I Program The Key And Or Remote With My Diagnostic Tool (Programmer)?t

Do I Have The Right Key Or Remote In-Stock? If Not, What Are The Part Numbers Needed To Order The Correct Parts From My Preferred Vendor?

Can I Clone The Key Or Remote With The Cloner I Have And What Are The Clone-Able Chips And Shells I Need, And Do I Have Them In-Stock?

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